Welcome to the Rainbow Gallery, a display of pictures taken over the years at various Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Pride events in Amsterdam, Bochum, London, New York, or Paris.
The Rainbow Gallery contains only pictures taken on the streets or in public places during Pride and other LGB events. It does not include any pornographic materials. Parental guidance may however be advisable for young visitors.


This site is best viewed with a Java-enabled browser and a high resolution color monitor. Please adjust your window size to fit the above title before entering the gallery.


The persons depicted in the Rainbow Gallery are anonymous passers-by and no assumption should be made on their sexual orientation.
All the pictures of the Rainbow Gallery are copyright © 1997-2001, Bigjim and may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without prior permission in writing from the author. In most cases, however, I would be glad to grant you the permission if you request it to me by e-mail.


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